The Reqelbee Program

Meet our Teaching Community

The teacher family at Reqelford Play School consists of a team of dedicated, passionate, loving, and caring leaders, who believe in working together to enrich the schooling experience of every child. They devise methods and activities that are child-friendly, child centric and age-adaptive to enable every child to have the freedom to explore, discover and grow.

Parents are encouraged to have monthly one-on-one personal interactions with teachers to know their child’s performance, growth and capabilities. Every teacher believes in giving personalized teaching and care to every child for which our student- teacher ratio is 1:8

Academic Coordinator’s Message

At Reqelford Play School, your child will be part of a safe, nurturing environment that is filled with learning activities. Our faculty and staff will foster and inspire your child's love for learning and provide him/her with the academic skills needed to bridge the path from Playgroup to Primary school.

Each day children here are immersed in emergent literacy activities, such as: speaking, listening, writing and thinking. In addition, they tend to develop their social, emotional and physical skills. Our curriculum follows the global theme-based and activity oriented pattern.

With my experience of being an educator in an international environment in the UAE, at the Australian International school as an Art educator; Gems Millennium school in Dubai and in Sharjah as Art educator and Pre K and K2 educator for 9 years; and my training in Early Childhood Education from CACHE - the UK's only specialist awarding organization for the early childhood courses in Dubai, I am confident that I will facilitate a positive learning environment and that your child will experience a year filled with learning as well as fun and excitement!