The Reqelbee Program

Principal's Message

Reqelford Playschool has distinguished itself as a place that is actively committed to the personal, social, emotional, and academic development of each and every student. Parents, you are vital partners to our work. One of the most amazing things I have heard about our school is the way teachers and parents join together to provide meaningful educational experiences for our students. As an educator and a parent myself, I have always believed in the importance of finding the right environment for educating a child. A school like Reqelford with its history of excellence, inviting front office staff, hardworking custodial team, active parent community, and innovative, dedicated teachers is hard to find!

Serving as principal of Reqelford Playschool is an honor! I am excited to dive into the community here and I welcome the opportunity to grow alongside you as we prepare all students for primary school and for life! My travels to the various parts of the world and my experience of working in the Middle East, and East Africa, particularly my tenure as an educator at the ESAACS ACADEMY in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, gives me a better perspective to take my role forward in a very proactive and on a facilitative mode. I thank you in advance for working with me to support our students and provide the best education possible for them!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Reqelford Playschool through our school website. The purpose of this site is to give you a snap shot of the many exciting learning experiences happening daily at our school.