The Reqelbee Program


The Reqelbee Program is a fun-filled magical learning experience with diverse opportunities provided to our children to keep them excited, busy and joyful. Owing to this, we lovingly call our Kindergarten Program “The Reqelbee Program” wherein our wards are the busily exploring Reqelbees.

Topics are planned to cover a wide variety of learning - from numbers, nature and literacy to music and the local community to people around them. This includes celebrating festivals and celebrations from around the world including different colour days.

The Reqelbee curriculum is based on age-specific learning outcomes. Sensitive and appreciative teachers create a caring, secure space for little ones in a “big school” for the first time. A space where multiple senses are sparked, investigations triggered into themes and topics, questions and discoveries welcomed with delight. Together, children and teachers reflect on the meaning of each activity and explore it thoroughly; in doing so, every child makes the experience authentic and the learning personal. Teachers attempt to understand the social and cultural contexts to which children belong, which gives clues to their emotional, cognitive and social needs. This helps teachers create a truly unique multicultural learning environment. Reqelford Playschool promotes an active partnership between the school and the parent community.

  1. The curriculum is the culmination of best international standards (best and practices for kindergarten
  2. Teachers are well trained in the curriculum wherein research is at the core of lesson planning and preparation
  3. Teachers are regularly counselled to deal with different situations that may arise at any point of time
  4. Guest teachers, experts, etc. are frequently brought in to provide diversity and in-depth understanding of concepts
  5. Exposure Visits, tours, etc. are planned all through the year to ensure practical implementation and understanding of concepts
  6. The infrastructure is world class with apt classroom teaching aids, libraries, sand pit, splash pools, toy room, play area, etc.
  7. Value education is given a special thrust
  8. Music, dance, physical fitness, and personal development are all part of the curriculum
  9. Exposure to international cultures is part of the curriculum