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Our search ended at Reqelford! We live in Secunderabad and would have seen at least 15 play schools around for our kid. But only Reqelford provided the best atmosphere amongst all - clean, healthy amenities. Everyone in the school are good, right from founders, principal, branch in-charge, teachers, security guard to the helpers (Didis). Rarely we see such a friendly and down-to-earth founders. Teacher and didis are very caring which gives us a sense of satisfaction. Thank you Reqelford!


Mr. Venkatachalam langovan,
Parent of Kartikeyan, New Bee – Play Group
Reqelford Play School, Habsiguda.

We are very happy and satisfied with the school and the management. We can see positive changes in our daughter’s knowledge level, She is very happy and is enjoying her first major step in her life. We really appreciate the way the school manages the children and the methodology of teaching.

Manish and Minati

Mr. Manish & Ms. Minati, Parents of Manya, Play Bee – Nursery
Reqelford Play School, Habsiguda.

Kian was just 2 and a half years old and we were initially very apprehensive about putting him into a play school. We were not sure if he would be able to adjust to a new atmosphere and we were very anxious on the first day. Surprisingly, it just took him three days to adjust and he now loves going to school everyday. He really likes his class teacher and has gotten attached to her in a short span. He enjoys his swimming and painting classes. I would like to thank the staff for assisting us during his transition.

We are glad that we have made the right decision of choosing Reqelford!


Mr. Kranti, Parent of Kian, Play Bee – Nursery
Reqelford Play School, Habsiguda.

From the moment my son (Tanish) walked through the door, the place became his second home – a very special place, with manipulatives to explore, to touch and to discover. The teachers gently guided him in a group and individually, to the various areas of learning within the room. Our son’s path was guided by the most dedicated, loving and progressive teachers a parent could wish for. In this environment, he learns to explore, to ask questions, to figure things out, and all the while he is learning to be respectful to others also. Now he is in love with learning and being at school.

Sahil Patel

Mr. Sahil Patel, Parent of Tanish patel – New Bee (Play Group)
Chef / business, Marriott International / Metro Industries.

I would really like to thank the school for providing my daughter such a great learning environment that has helped her not only to Horne her fine motor skills but also her communication skills. The love and encouragement shown by her teachers n management have helped her a great deal in social skills.. As parents we are more than happy with the school and management who are always forthcoming in taking constructive feedback and laying all our doubts to rest. There regular activities have also helped my daughter being happy to attend school and engage in its competitions n contests. Its unique activity based learning techniques have only made the entire learning experience an enjoyable ride. A very big thanks!


Mr. Arvind & Ms. Shilpa Gandhi, Parents of Sanvie – Bumble Bee
Reqelford Play School, Mahendra Hills.

This is to acknowledge that Manu Sri after joining Reqelford, has improved a lot in her communication, her retention and recall power of teaching and other activities too has improved, she is always bubbling with enthusiasm to participate in school various activities. I would like to place on records that teaching staff is of very standards and management has given utmost importance and priorities in overall development of the students. Kudos to Reqelford Teachers and management. Thanking You

Rama Krishna

Mr. Rama Krishna, Parent of Manu Sri
Reqelford Play School, Mahendra Hills.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Reqelford play school, our daughter Ariana attended Reqelford play school, Mahindra Hills since nursery, I remember her the first day of school, as a mother my heart wasn’t ready to send her out into the unknown but I was reassured by her first-class teacher Ms. Shilpa that my child would be absolutely fine and well taken care of, from then on to this day we have only seen remarkable improvements in Ariana, she looks forward to attending school.

Ariana made many of her first memories while at school, be it her first best friend, her first festival celebration, her first performance at sports, the annual day, her first field trip, her first visit to the post office, Deer park, her first pet show at school and so many more have really made a positive impact on her life which she will cherish forever.

At this onset we would also like to thank each and every member of the school, Firstly the Chairman Ms. Shravanthi a very down to earth person and an excellent representor of her school, the other grade teachers who have made Ariana feel comfortable and were always there to guide her in the absence of her class teachers. the security guard, the housekeeping staff, the cook who makes us want to go back to cooking class, the bus drivers, the transport in charge, her music teacher, a dance teacher. We can’t thank you enough for taking good care of our child away from home. We, as parents are more than content with the learnings Ariana has picked up at school and are also very proud to be associated with this wonderful, well conceptualized learning center.


Mr. Arun & Ms. Linda George, Parents of Ariena
Reqelford Play School, Mahendra Hills.

We are very happy and satisfied to have joined our son Ashish Kiran in Reqelford play school Mahendra hills. Our son had delayed speech at the time he got admitted in the school and one can only imagine the apprehensions we had. But thanks to the efficient and very professional staff, within no time our son was able to speak fluently. The various activities and school curriculum keep his curious mind stimulated to learn more. Thanks to the excellent staff and school for taking good care of our son.


Ms. Sharmila, Parent of Ashish Kiran
Reqelford Play School, Mahendra Hills.